5 Kitchen Hacks Used By Professional Chefs

If you want to use these 5 home cooking hacks to make delicious meals just like professional chefs - it is easy to do! At-home kitchen hacks can be performed simply in your house but you may need to upgrade some of your kitchen tools in order to take your cooking skills to a professional level. If you already have a set of cookware go ahead and use it but pro’s already know that the best way to conquer more complex tasks in the kitchen including heat distribution, coating and searing is with anodized aluminum cookware.

  1. Grate It. A cheese grater makes a versatile kitchen tool. You can use this common kitchen utensil as a hack to help you create more flavorful meals with a rich texture. One of the cheapest ways to boost the profiles of your favorite soups, salads and main courses is by adding roots herbs like turmeric, ginger or garlic but you could be chopping, slicing or mincing the ingredients. Use a sharp grater instead to ensure an even texture that bring flavors to life without becoming mushy or mashed. 

TIP: You can use the grated herb material to make flavor waters for easy access any time you need it. Simply use the grated material from garlic, turmeric, or ginger and place it in a pot of boiling water for 8 - 10 minutes. Then place the water in sealed glass jars in your refrigerator for flavor at your fingertips. 

  1. Grind It. Grinding down black pepper is one way to add a pop of strong flavor to your dishes however, you may not have a pepper grinder. You can pick up a low-cost replacement at your local tobacco store called a “grinder,” to replace a more expensive option for grinding. Professional chefs use a grinder for spices like black and white pepper, along with dried herbs including cilantro, basil, lavender, and many more. Use this simple kitchen hack to mimic their professional cooking technique in your own kitchen at home. 
  1. Soak It. When it comes to cooking eggs the shell can cause a problem. You may accidently break it or even more commonly, have trouble taking it off after cooking hard-boiled eggs. When hard-boiling your eggs, remove them from the water and crack the shells slightly. Then, place them in cool water and let the water break the shell away from the egg white for you. After that, peeling eggs is easy peasy! This creative cooking hack also works for potatoes, and other foods with peels.
  1. Try Chopsticks. Stock your kitchen with free chopsticks for use any time you sauté. These simple tools are ideal for controlled flipping, turning and rearranging your favorite meats and vegetables. To avoid burning your skin or disturbing delicate items that you commonly cook in a deep sauté pan, try this Asian kitchen hack and you can save money on unnecessary tools.  
  1. Go Greek. Greek yogurt has an impressive nutritional profile that includes large amounts of protein (about 10 grams per serving), as well as vitamins, minerals and a creamy texture that lends itself to just about anything. Greek yogurt is thick enough to replace butter and sour cream in recipes, moisten baked goods and eliminate your creamy cravings. Use plain Greek yogurt to fill you up and also support a healthy digestive tract with beneficial probiotics. 

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