Parmesan Cheese Bowl

If you’re looking to shake up your go to meals, this is the perfect way to do it. When eaten out of a bowl made of cheese, even the simplest salad feels decedent. Feel free to fill this versatile, kid-approved bowl with anything from Caesar salad to pasta.



Parmesan cheese (freshly grated is ideal, but if you buy pre-grated we won’t judge)




Sprinkle parmesan cheese onto pan. Try to form cheese into a circle, but don’t worry about getting the edges perfectly even. Make the circle of parmesan thick enough so that you can’t see large areas of the pan through the cheese, but no so think that you create mounds. Cook on medium-low heat until cheese melts and begins to bubble. Using a spatula, transfer cheese to an upside-down bowl (so that the cheese forms a bowl shape around the outside of the bowl). Allow the cheese to cool and harden for thirty minutes.

Fill with your favorite foods and enjoy!


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